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Echinocactus is a genus of cacti in the subfamily Cactoideae. The generic name derives from the Ancient Greek εχινος, meaning "spiny," and cactus.

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How to Grow Echinocactus

Temperature: Moderate. The succulent experiences the dormant phase in winter. So, the temperature should be +8-10 °C. The lowest possible can be + 5°C. Keep away from dampness. Cannot bear frosts. Dies immediately. From October to May should be kept indoors.

Air humidity: echinocactus is resistant to dry air, but regular spraying with warm water is very helpful.

Watering: moderate in spring and summer. Reduce it in fall. Remember that this plant can be watered only 2-3 times in winter. Caring for cacti remember of their natural conditions.

Feeding: From late spring to mid-summer. Add special fertilizer to the ground or water. You can buy them in stores selling goods for house plants. It is preferable to choose dressing that comes in a liquid form. However, don’t abuse. Too dense concentration might have a bad effect.

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