Weber Summit S-670 Stainless Steel 7370085

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Summit 6 Burner 42000199 - 7370085 - I17995

The Weber Summit BBQ S-670 GBS, is one of the barbecues of the highest range of Weber.It has 6 burners, 1 side burner, 2 grills and 12 bars flavorizers all in stainless steel.This barbecue model has a Sear station burner, which is a very powerful burner located in the central part of the barbecue and reaches temperatures of 400 to 500ºC. This way, the food is cooked very quickly, browning it well on the outside and keeping its internal juice.Includes built-in motorized rustidor, an infrared burner and a smoker box. 

Main features:

• Power 17.6 Kw / h.

• Cast aluminum bowl and vitrified steel lid.

• Thermometer integrated in the lid to control during cooking.

• Gourmet BBQ System cooking grills.

• Grid to reheat 90 x 13 cm.

• 6 burners with individual automatic ignition system.

• 12 stainless steel flavorizer bars.

• Stainless steel smoker with its own burner of 2.3kw.

• Motorized rotating grill (built-in motor) with 3.1kw infrared burner.

• Sear station.

• 2 lamps

• 3.51 kw recessed side burner.

• 2 stainless steel work tables with 6 utensil hooks.

• Removable tray for the recovery of fats.

• 4 adjustable casters, 2 with locking system.

• Height 145 cm

• Width 189 cm

• Background 68 cm

• Weight 121 Kg

• Includes regulator, tube and hose clamps.

• Works with butane and propane.

Guarantee 10 years.

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