Vriesea Astrid

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Vriesea Astrid is a small clumping plant with many narrow, thin, soft and spineless leaves in a full rosette. the plant forms a compact rosette of five to seven shoots with the same flowers. beautiful curly petals and soft red, arrow-shaped flowers.


COMMON NAME: Painted Sword, Painted Feather


LIGHT: Bright light without direct sunlight is preferable.

WATERING:The vase needs to be kept topped up with water which should be emptied and replaced every two – three weeks. The soil is best watered when it becomes slightly dry at the top, and avoid over-watering. Using a pot that has sufficient drainage holes is advised.

HUMIDITY: Normal humidity indoors should be fine, and misting of the plant leaves will help too.

FERTILISER: Once a month, balance NPK: 20-20-20

SIZE: Height 30 to 35cm. approximate

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