Top 5 Outdoor Plants for UAE

Here is our list of top 5 outdoor plants that flourish well in the Emirates region.

Frangipani (Plumeria)

A staple tree for any garden in the UAE, this tree can thrive in direct sunlight and is well verse with the region’s poor soil quality and water drought. Plumeria is also famous for its fragrant white & yellow flowers, which bloom several times, throughout the year. And not to forget, this tree can be easily propagated by just planting a stem cutting in the soil, just make sure to dry the cutting at base first, or else they might rot.


A common plant in UAE, bougainvillea are highly preferred as garden hedges and wall climbers because of their beautiful colours and thorny vines. These plants grow best in dry soil, and are thus very adaptive to the region’s soil and water conditions.

Fun fact… Many people think bougainvillea have colourful flowers but those are modified leaves, known as bracts! Which surround the actual, tiny-white flowers.


Tropical Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis)

Tropical hibiscus is a famous ornamental flowering plant with its flowers blooming in a variety of colours, such as yellow, orange, pink and white. This is one of the few varities of plant that thrives in the sand, and grows well in containers (provided you give them a balanced fertilizer feed). Just make sure to place them in bright sunlight and prune the roots once in 3 years and you have a healthy, flowering plant!


Washingtonia Robusta Palm ( Fan Palm)

You might recognize the Washington palm, commonly known as Fan palm, as the much-used, straight and single trunked street palm. It gets its common name due to it’s bright green, broad, fan-shaped leaves.  Being one of the tallest trees of the palm family and it can grow up to 80 feet in height! But thankfully, due to its slow growth rate, this plant has been a favourite when it comes to home landscaping in UAE.

Fun fact… some palms can live for more than a century, which means the palm you plant might outlive you!

Nerium Olender

Oleander is a stunning evergreen, Mediterranean style shrub with long narrow grey-green leaves and beautiful pink, white or red flowers. This plant is highly toxic if ingested and contact with foliage may cause skin irritation. This plant enjoys well drained soil and hot weather, making it perfectly accustom to the UAE growing conditions.

We recommend to avoid using this plant in schools and children's playgrounds.