Self watering pots for healthy plants


As gardening enthusiasts, our homes are made decorative with beautiful indoor plants of all shapes and sizes. As much as we love our plants, it is important we take care of them  the right way since each plant has different requirements.

Dubai Garden Centre will provide you with the perfect solution! The Self-Watering Pot! These self-watering pots are water reservoirs for your plants.

Self-watering pots can be of great advantage in the following ways:

  • For plants that require their soil to stay moist and need frequent watering.
  • They are most handy for people who might forget to water their plants or who might over water their plants.
  • An additional advantage is that you can directly add fertilizer to the water reservoir of the self–watering pot. This will provide nutrition to the plants throughout the growing season and substantially improve the quality of plant growth.
  • Self-watering pots are more efficient in water usage due to the water being stored in the reservoir underneath the plant and will therefore cause less evaporation. If we think about it, when we water our plants in the traditional way, a lot of water ends up on the sidewalk or on the leaves of the plant. Some plants, like tomatoes, are more prone to fungal diseases if too much water gets sprayed on the leaves. By cleverly using a self-watering container this issue will be avoided, resulting in healthier plants.

With so much efficiency and much less worry, it’s time you get your hands on those self-watering pots from Dubai Garden Centre and give your plants a healthier life! These pots are available in all shapes, sizes & colours and what’s more you can relax & place your order online.

PS : Self -Watering pots are not ideal for cacti and succulents or plants that prefer slightly

        drier soil.