Sedum Morganianum - Hanging Plant

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Is a beautiful trailing succulent that is perfect in hanging baskets, antastic succulent. For all home, gifting and office plant.


COMMON NAME: Donkey's and Burros Tail


LIGHT: For this species to grow well you will need to at least provide a good amount of direct light. And, if you can, sunshine, but not too much during the afternoon summer sun.

WATERING: During the growing season from April - September water the plant thoroughly and then water when the soil becomes dry to the touch. During winter cut down on the watering, which the plant may only need once a month. Remember it's a succulent and stores water in it leaves and stems...when you think it's lacking water it is not. Under watering is much safer that overwatering and it's the No 1 killer for this plant.

SOIL: Potting mix that keeps the roots well aerated and drains well is required. To keep it simple It would pot up with a ready made cactus soil mix.

HUMIDITY: Normal room humidity seems to work fine. Try and provide plenty of air circulation (open windows, doors, etc.) during summer.

FERTILISER: Once a month, balance NPK: 20-20-20 or lower equivalent balance NPK ratio.

SIZE: Height 30cm. approximate

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