RG Sitting Buddha Naranja Concrete

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This concrete Sitting Buddha Naranja statue combines durability, artistic craftsmanship, and symbolic meaning, making it an ideal addition to any garden. It enhances the garden's aesthetic appeal while promoting a sense of peace and spirituality.

Dimensions: 49cm x 73cm

Weight: 55kg

  • The statue is made of concrete, which makes it durable and well-suited for outdoor use in a garden setting. Concrete provides resistance to various weather conditions, ensuring the statue's longevity.
  • The Buddha is depicted in a classic meditative pose, seated cross-legged with hands in the Dhyana Mudra (meditation gesture). This pose symbolizes concentration, meditation, and the attainment of spiritual enlightenment.
  • The Buddha is dressed in a traditional monk’s robe, known as a Sanghati, which is draped over his left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder bare. The robe is colored in a striking orange (Naranja), symbolizing simplicity, renunciation, and the pursuit of spiritual goals.



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