Pumpkin "Uchiki Kuri"

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Uchiki Kuri F1  (Cucurbita maxima) pumpkin :

Decorative, healthy, tasty.

Uchiki Kuri F1 is a Japanese strain with numerous approx. 1.5 kg heavy, orange-red, slightly ribbed and extremely durable pumpkins. Their taste is pithy and nutty. Uchiki Kuri is well suited for preparing soups, pumpkin pie or vegetable side dishes. High vitamin A content.

The pre-culture takes place in April, lay out 2 grains flat in pots, cover about 1 cm with soil and keep moist. Direct sowing is also possible from the end of May.

This variety claims loose, humus- and nutrient-rich soils in a sunny location with good water supply.

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