Nephrolepis 'Boston Fern"

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Known as the sword fern or Boston fern,ensures a tropical ambience. With their elegant fronds. The sword fern can surely be considered one of the most popular hanging or over the table plants.

NEPHROLEPIS (Air Purifying Plant)

COMMON NAME: Boston Fern

BOTANICAL/SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nephrolepis Exaltata 'Bostoniensis'

LIGHT: In their natural habitat these ferns will be provided small amounts of sunshine under trees, shaded. The best light conditions to provide is indirect sunlight, although a small amount of sunlight (when it's not too hot) encourages growth. Filtered sunlight through net curtains works well. You may want to rotate the plant to encourage even growth of the fronds.

WATERING: Moist soil at all times is advisable, without the soil becoming soggy.

SOIL: Peat moss potting soil mixes are best suited with perlite added combined with all-purpose soil

HUMIDITY: All ferns prefer fairly high humidity levels, however, the Boston fern is slightly more resilient and can tolerate lower levels. If you can increase levels with a humidifier and not a humidity tray because your likely to keep the plant in a hanging basket or similar, so the plant cannot be placed in a tray.

FERTILISER: Once a month, high on Nitrogen to enhance growth of evergreen leaves.

SIZE: Height 40cm. approximate

NOTE: Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

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