Gardenia Jasminoides

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COMMON NAME: Cape Jasmine


LIGHT: Requires very bright light for at least 6-8 hours a day. Be prepared to move your Gardenia Plant to different locations as the seasons change. Grow light may be necessary if there is not enough natural light to help your gardenia Plant thrive.

WATERING: Gardenia Plants need to be watered very carefully. Allow the top 2-3 inches of the soil in your Gardenia Plant to dry out before watering. Over-watering a Gardenia Plant causes root rot, brown spots on leaves, and buds not to open. Under-watering a Gardenia Plant results in green leaves falling off.

SOIL: A Gardenia Plant grows best in a well-drained acidic soil with some peat moss added. You can increase the acidity level in the soil and make your Gardenia Plants happy, by watering once a month with left over tea or very dilute vinegar.

HUMIDITY: High humidity is another Gardenia Plant requirement. Increase household humidity for a Gardenia Plant, especially during dry winter months, by placing a humidifier near a Gardenia Plant, putting a Gardenia Plant on a pebble tray filled with water (be sure the plant sits on the pebbles not in the water), or grouping several plants together. Misting doesn't help increase the humidity for a Gardenia Plant and causes fungal growth on the leaves.

FERTILISER: Once a month, balance NPK: 20-20-20 or lower balance equivalent NPK ratio.

SIZE: Height 30cm. approximate

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