Franchi Pepper Piccante - Packet of Seeds

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Spicy pepper plant with erect and tall bearing, with short internodes. The chillies produced are 14-16 cm long with smooth flesh, bright red color and very spicy when fully ripe. It maintains a high spiciness even in winter and green fruit. The cayenne pepper is great to be dried in the sun, for the preparation of hot paprika, hot oil or even be ground to the powder storage.

Cayenna: A mid/early, hot variety (ours are from Italy but they can be produced in other countries too). The plant is made up of lots of branches with small leaves.

It produces a great many classic long, thin, deep green fruits, which turn red when ripe. Can be used fresh, dried or dried and ground to make cayenne pepper.

Chilli Peppers The first chillies to reach Europe arrived around 1493 as a result of Colombus's voyages to the Americas. People don't always associate chillies with Italy, but they have a deep-rooted place in our culture, especially in the south. From the time that the Romans were trading throughout their empire, Italy has always been a melting pot of different races and cultures from all over Europe and the Middle East, and even the Far East.

So it is no surprise that chillies are much favoured in Sicily and the south of Italy in particular, where there was a strong Arab influence. For example, dishes like Spaghetti alla Puttanesca come from Campagna, Peperoncini Ripieni from Calabria and Cima di Rape al Peperoncino from Puglia.

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