Ficus Bonsai 35cm Height

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Care Guidelines for Outdoor Ficus Bonsai

Position: Place the plant where there is bright, indirect sunlight. A very shady position is unfavorable.  The termperature should be kept relatively constant. It prefers high humidity.

WateringWater when the soil gets slightly dry. When the tree does require water though, it needs thorough soaking so the entire root system is wetted. To do so, keep watering until water runs out of the drainage holes, and possibly repeat the process a few minutes later.  Water bath method can also be used.

FeedingFertilize weekly or every two weeks during summer, every two to four weeks during winter. Liquid fertilizer can be used as well as organic fertilizer pellets.

PruningRegular pruning is necessary to retain the tree’s shape. Prune back to 2 leaves after 6-8 leaves have grown. Leaf pruning can be used to reduce leaf size, as some ficus Bonsai species normally grow large leaves. If a considerable thickening of the trunk is desired, the ficus can be left to grow freely for one or two years. The strong cuts that are necessary afterwards don't affect the ficus' health and new shoots will grow from old wood. 

Approximate Height: 35cm

Pot Size: 20cm L x 13cm W x 7cm H

Pot Material and Colour: Plastic Black/Brown

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