Euphorbia Ingens - Cactus

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This large and branched Euphorbia Ingens looks great in a nice place in a room or office. With its whimsical appearance, it attracts all attention.

Approx. 90cm

The family name of the Euphorbia Ingens is Euphorbiaceae and the plant is originally from South Africa. The Euphorbia requires a lot of sunlight. Like to keep the plant dry, only water slightly during the growing season. You can leave it dry for a few days between watering sessions. In the winter even one or two weeks.

It is mistakenly believed that this euphorbia (succulent plant) is a cactus.

If the plant grows too large, you can cut off part of the trunk with a sharp knife. You can replant the cut part in warm moist soil. This way they can regrow roots. Before placing in the soil, let it dry for a few days.

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Euphorbia Ingens - Cactus H40-45cm
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Euphorbia Ingens - Cactus H40-45cm