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Euonymus japonicus is a species of flowering plant in the family Celastraceae, native to Japan, Korea and China

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Euonymus Japonicus Care

Size & Growth

The striking foliage of the Japanese Euonymus plant although easy to grow and care for, has a medium growth rate.

The species is a hermaphrodite, meaning it contains both male and female organs and is pollinated by insects.

When grown in the right climate and growing conditions, Evergreen Euonymus japonicus grows up to anywhere between 6’ – 26’ feet in height and around 6’ feet in width.

Flowering and Fragrance

Japanese Euonymus produces inconspicuous greenish-white flower color and dark green leaves.

Each flower is quite small, just over ¼ inch wide.

The bloom time of Euonymus japonicus is in late spring to early summer and are known to have a vinegary smell.

Light & Temperature

Japanese Euonymus plants are hardy to hardiness zone 6 and 7 (USDA zones) and can thrive in full sun and partial shade to full shade locations.

But they are best suited for dry, shaded areas.

Even though the plant is tolerant of shade, it might not fruit as well.

Watering and Feeding

Japanese Euonymus has average watering needs and doesn’t need to be watered too frequently when the temperatures are within its preferred range.

Avoid overwatering the plant as it can cause root rot.

Well-drained damp soil is enough for them.

When watering Euonymus japonicus plants, make sure the soil to be dry on the top before dousing them.

As for feeding, use multi-purpose organic compost in June and September to allow the plant to thrive.


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