Epipremnum Pinnatum with Moss Stick Approx 60cm

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(Air Purifying Plant) Money plants prefer good indirect moderate sunlight.

Relatively easy plant that does not mind anything less light. They do not particularly appreciate direct sunlight. The plant can safely stand in the shade.

The official name of this plant is Epipremnum pinnatum, the name of the variety "Aureum". However, the plant is better known under the old name: Scindapsus aureum, simply "Scindapsus". The Scindapsus belongs to the family of Araceae. The plant occurs naturally in the forests of Southeast Asia, where the leaves of the creeper can reach up to 100 cm. The European variant is a youth form of this plant.

They are viny climbing plants with rather thick leaves. The leaves are green with yellow spots. When there is little leaf green, the plant needs a lot of light (but no bright sunlight). Yet this tropical plant tolerates dry and rather dark places. In the winter the plant may be placed in a somewhat cooler room.

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