Crassula Ovata in Pot - Money Maker Plant

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Looking for a plant that attracts prosperity and money for you? Jade plant is your perfect pick

Crassula ovata (Dollar Plant, Jade Plant, Jade Tree, Money Tree)

Crassula ovata known as Dollar Plant, Jade Plant, Jade Tree, Money True. Erect, many-branched, succulent shrub with a thick, fleshy stem and elliptic, glossy, mid-green leaves, sometimes red margined, 2-4cm long.  Bears star-shaped, white to pale pink flowers, to 8mm across, in autumn. Height 2m or more, Spread 1m or more. Native of South Africa.

  • Ideal required temperature is around 60°f / 15.5°c – 75°f / 24°c. Winter no less than 50°f / 10°c.
  • Crassula loves plenty of light. Provide a few hours of morning or evening sunshine everyday to have a happy plant.
  • Allow top layer of soil to become dry between each watering. use well drained soil media.
  • Use heavy pot for Re-pot (spring – summer) when the plant becomes root bound or the soil needs renewing.
  • Feed each month with a weak or diluted liquid fertilizer.
  • They survive well in quite humid conditions naturally, Succulents like water misting.


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