Chlorophytum Variegatum 'Spider Plant'

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The Chlorophytum variegatum is a beautiful indoor plant, which is considered to be easy to maintain and fast-growing. Bears tiny white flowers. Spider plant has become one of the most popular room and office plants worldwide.

CHLOROPHYTUM (Air Purifying Plant)

COMMON NAME: Spider or Airplane Plant, Spider Ivy

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chlorophytum comosum vittatum and variegatum

LIGHT: Nicely lit room without direct sunlight.

WATERING: They like plenty of water, between spring and summer. In the winter they should need a lot less.

HUMIDITY: Avoid too much hot air as this will affect the leaves. Spraying a water mist in the summer and within a warm artificially heated room will help.

FERTILISER: Once a month, NPK: high in nitrogen.

SIZE: Height 40cm. approximate

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