Benefits of Having Your Very Own Bonsai Plant

The art of cultivating and growing bonsai first originated over 1.000 years ago in China, where the trees were first cultivated in wooden containers and earthenware pots and trained in naturalistic shapes.

Bonsai were thoroughly pursued and developed primarily by the Japanese and made popular throughout the world. The inspiration for bonsai is directly from nature. Some trees that grow in the rocky crevices of tall mountains or cliffs tend to remain dwarfed throughout their existence.

A Bonsai if taken proper care of may live for over a century and can be passed on from one generation to another as a family heirloom.

Here are some of the benefits of owning your very own bonsai.

          1. Good for Health  : 

           Bonsai plants help in maintaining good health. According to the studies conducted by the Agricultural University of Norway, keeping plants indoors can greatly reduce the occurrence of sore throat, dry coughs, colds, and dry skin.



        2. Relieves Stress

            Yes, you read that right, bonsai plants are a great stress reliever, they have a calming and soothing effect, also many people choose to grow bonsai plants as a hobby. 

        3. Cultivates Patience

           Bonsai plants need to be taken care of properly, be it watering, adding fertilizer, or trimming it to stay healthy. This requires of the owner to be active and gives them an opportunity to grow their patience.


         4. Purifies Air

         One of the main reasons for growing bonsai indoors is that it purifies the air. According to research conducted by NASA, keeping plants in a living space or office setting can significantly reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) present in the air. Bonsai plants also help in increasing the humidity levels.

        5. Aesthetically Pleasing

        Bonsais are one of the most visually appealing plants to have. Your sincere dedication and love for these aesthetically appealing miniature trees will bring new life and a whole new ambience to any living space.


       Whether you want to take it up as a hobby or present yourself with a new challenge, or even gift it to someone, a bonsai would certainly be an ideal choice.