BarrelQ Barbeque Grill Small

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Product ID: I38365 Barcode: 42000027 Brand: BarrelQ

The BarrelQ Notorious Small is the little brother of the BarrelQ Big. It is for the balcony, the smaller garden or to take it with you to the park or beach. It is a 60L oil barrel converted to BBQ. Besides a tough looking barbecue it is also a fire pit, design piece, outdoor kitchen and side table. And it is very convenient in its use.

The BarrelQ is also ready to go. You can start right away. No complications with screws, nuts and bolts. Light it on fire directly! Instant Grilling and Chilling.

Fire pit

The BarrelQ is not only for barbecuing. You can also use it as a fire pit. Throw some wood in the basket and put it on fire. Great atmosphere and warm of course.

  • Height: 58 cm, diameter: 40 cm. Small is beautiful.
  • The BarrelQ Small is easy to take with you, on the bike for example. Portable grilling and chilling.

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