Asystasia Gangetica

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Asystasia gangetica is an attractive, fast-growing, spreading, herbaceous groundcover that grows from 300 mm to 600 mm in height. The stems root easily at the nodes. Leaves are simple and dark green. It produces a cream-coloured flower with tessellated purple markings on the palate (lower petal of the corolla) in spring and summer. Flowers are produced over a long period and are followed by capsules with brown seeds. It is semi-hardy, and young plants require protection in areas of heavy frost. In tropical areas it can grow rampantly.

Plant Care:

Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between watering. Full Sun to Partial Shade. 


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Reviews Asystasia Gangetica

May Oo Moe
2021.08.18 19:08:41
Is this an outdoor plant ? I was told by my friends that this plant is very invasive, shall I be worries about spreading too fast?
2021.12.29 09:12:49
Yes this is an outdoor plant and ground cover.

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