Alocasia Red Secret Indoor House Plant

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Why is Alocasia Cuprea called Red Secret? This plant gets it’s nickname Red Secret from the deep reddish colour that it has especially on the underside of the leaves. Alocasia Cuprea like indirect light, high humidity, frequent waterings, diluted plant feed and warm comfortable temperatures. Also called Elephant's ear plant.

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Alocasia Cuprea, belongs to the Alocasia plant family and is becoming one of the more popular of its species. With the surface of its leaves having a metallic sheen and the undersides a red glow, the Alocasia Cuprea is more and more being used to decorate homes with. However, compared to other plants, this one does take a bit more effort to look after and keep alive.


As this plant is native to Borneo it may come as no surprise to you that it prefers higher levels of humidity. If you live in a drier environment then we would recommend using a humidifier as arid air can dry out the leaves of this plant relatively quickly which can cause irreparable damage. If you don’t want to use a humidifier then there are other things you can do to increase the humidity for your plants.

Our first tip would be to place your plant on top of a watered pebble tray to try and create a micro climate around your Alocasia. You can also leave jars and bowls of water dotted around your plants and we have found that misting can help them tremendously.


Your Alocasia Cuprea will want to dry out a little bit between waterings, however it is a plant that needs regular waterings. If you leave it to dry out or forget to water it then you will see damage. A great way to water this plant is from the bottom up rather than watering the stop of the soil. This way the plant can take in the moisture it needs. Just like with most plants, even though it likes to be watered regularly this doesn’t mean it should be sitting in soggy soil.


Placing this plant in direct sunlight will cause the leaves to scorch and burn, especially if this is a south or west facing window. Instead these plants require indirect light. In its natural environment it would grow under the canopy of other trees on the forest floor so providing it with shaded and dappled light will help to recreate its natural environment.

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