5 Tips to a balcony garden in Summer

Summer in the UAE begins around April and needless to mention the high temperatures are not very favourable for plants. However, we have to find means and ways to pursue our hobby of gardening and surround ourselves with as much greenery as possible. Plants in the balcony that once bloomed in the winters of Dubai now have the possibility of withering and drying out, if it has not crisped up already.  If you are an apartment-dweller, do not lose hope as Summers don’t have to be so intimidating!

Here are five tips that will help your balcony and indoor garden thrive and flourish!

Map Out Your Balcony

We all know summers are hot and bright and sunny but in planting world it is important to get to know your balcony at the micro level. What kind of light and how many hours of light does your balcony get? Is your balcony shaded, partially covered or fully exposed? How will the direct sun and warm wind affect the plants in your balcony? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before setting up your balcony. This will help you design the layout of your balcony garden before you actually start purchasing & arranging your plants. 

Test the Waters

Take this idiom in its literal sense when it comes to watering plants in summer. Different varieties of plants need different levels of watering. Both over and under watering can prove to be detrimental! Water your plants early in the morning before it gets too hot and the water evaporates. If you missed the morning session, then catch up in the afternoon but do not let your plants go thirsty beyond that. On the other hand be cautious not to drown Your Plants! It may sound surprising but over-watering can kill certain plants even during summer. If you find watering the plants daily too hectic, go in for self watering pots that will do all the hard work for you through the summer.

If you need any advice and guidance, simply visit Dubai Garden Centre and have a chat with our friendly staff. Make a note of the watering and maintenance schedules of the plants that you purchase.

Planters should grow with the plants!

Your plants grow and guess what, they need bigger pots as they get bigger. Don’t cramp their style by stuffing them in smaller pots. Planters should have clear drainage to let out the extra moisture or the roots run the risk of rotting from being in soggy soil for too long. For indoor pots, use matching saucers to prevent water from seeping out on to the floor. Self-watering planters are a great alternative for amateur gardeners.

You will find a vast selection of planters and pots at Dubai Garden Centre. By selecting and combining the pots and plants that suit your individual style, you can turn your balcony and indoor area into a green haven. Keep your overall décor in mind when selecting both plants and planters. Materials like terracotta look classic and its porous walls will keep excess moisture out naturally. Dubai Garden Center has pots and planters made from every material possible ranging from the basic plastic and clay to fancy ones like metal and wood.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Buy potting soil that is specifically formulated for potted plants. Generally, an all-purpose potting mix will suit most plants. Varieties like succulents and other exotic plants will grow and bloom better in a specially formulated soil mix. Feed your plants with the right soil and fertilizer, all available at the Garden Centre! They definitely need nutrients to thrive. Do some research regarding the type of soil and fertilizers that are best suited for your plants. Use mulch to protect the soil from drying out. Explore!

Build a Stunning Balcony Garden with Us!

If you are a novice gardener and feel apprehensive by the whole planting process, please do pay us a visit at Dubai Garden Center. Balcony gardens can be stunning when done correctly. We have everything you will need to create your little paradise and our experienced team will be more than happy to guide you. Hang out in Dubai Garden Center with your family and friends to get a feel of the green life we have thriving here. Join us in our workshops and events to learn more on gardening and get in touch with our expert team who will assist you every step of the way!