5 Christmas Gifts You Will Never Go Wrong With

Feeling like this holiday season is just flying by? Well, you’re not alone. With Christmas just a few days away and gifts not yet sorted, looming deadlines sure look like they’re moving closer recklessly!

Holiday shopping: some dread it, some love it. Either way, you’ve got to be one hell of a pro at marketplaces to find a perfect Christmas gift at the last minute for your loved ones.

Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered with this list of 6 last minute Christmas gifts you cannot go wrong with!

PS: Did we mention that shipping takes just 2 days?

  1. A Gardening Toolkit For Kids

What better way to introduce your kids to the joys of gardening than gifting a kids’ beginners tool kit? Let them explore the green world, plant some seeds and grow some green fingers if they don’t already have one!

2. Gnomes for Gardens

Quirk it up in your mommy’s garden and add a pop of color! Perfect garden decor item, gift her this Christmas gnome and let them add a dramatic feel to the theme of her garden.

3. Good Vibes Only with Wind chimes

Wind chimes add accent to gardens and are perfect for indoors too! Confused about what to gift to that introvert cousin this Christmas? We’ve got you covered!

4. Charcoal Barbecue

This Jamie Oliver The Park Barbecue is the perfect portable grill whether you are friends with a barbecue junkie! It has a silicone grip and has an enamel-coated lid to last longer. Easy on the pocket and easy to go for Christmas gifting!

5. Barbecue Accessories

‘Tis the perfect season for a gift like this. Can you already think of someone who loves hosting people over the weekends and can’t do without a barbecue night at least once a fortnight? Well then you’ve found the best gift for the best host!

You’re never too late for Christmas gifts, not when Dubai Garden Centre has a plethora of cute and thoughtful gifts ready to be shipped right at your doorstep in a jiffy. Explore the entire Christmas collection and splurge away!