3 Creative Ways to Style your space with Chandeliers

Styling of chandeliers may seem intimidating at first. Generally, when one thinks of chandeliers; crystals, glass, silver, gold, Victorian or a palatial piece comes to mind. That is but one genre among a wide variety of aesthetic styles. Walk into Dubai Garden Center and you’ll be amazed at the extensive collection of chandeliers in the store. Playing around with different materials and colors can pull together a space and give it a unique character. Take a look at these three modern style chandeliers to decorate a contemporary hip space;

The Bohemian

The bohemian aesthetic is really a state of mind more than anything. There are no do’s and don’ts here for you to abide by. Bohemian is all about playing with colors, textures, and fabrics unabashedly. Wooden beaded fixtures placed in well-lit areas can instantly add the desired boho-chic effect without overcrowding your existing area. A handmade macramé chandelier can make any space look warm and cozy.

Earthy & Natural

Spaces with natural and earthy elements are a great turn of events from the usual glitz and glam of Dubai.  Natural elements like wood and cane add a homely ambiance to any space making people feel at ease. Woven wood, rope and cane chandeliers can instantly add a beachy tone to a space.

 Industrial Chic

Chandeliers can be a great accent piece when creating the industrial chic look. Industrial light fixtures come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. From small copper lamps to large metal pieces featuring detailing like rivets and caging, there are a range of products that can fit into any kind of space. These pieces go exceptionally well with leather sofas or a combination of metal and wood furniture.

Explore Dubai Garden Center to check out the different types of materials used to make our products. We have sustainably sourced products made of reclaimed wood and recycled material to create a beautiful and personalized space that is also environmentally friendly.

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