Howea Forsteriana Approx 150cm

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COMMON NAME: Kentia, paradise, thatch


LIGHT: Indirect sun light for many of the popular indoor palms is advisable and the Kentia particularly grows well and maintains it's health in low light conditions.

WATERING: Having good drainage from the pot is important to prevent root rot. Checking the top soil for moisture (by touch) is the best way to see if they need water. If the top soil is dry in the summer--give him a drink, and in the winter I would advise you to water it less, and allow some dryness.

SOIL: A fast draining soil mix is best to use which is likely to be part sand for easier drainage. Non-toxic to cats and dogs.

HUMIDITY: They do survive well in quite humid conditions naturally, and you will please them with water misting.

FERTILISER: Once a month, high in Nitrogen to encourage growth of evergreen leaves.

Size: Height 150cm. Approximate

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