Charcoal park bbq grill red

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 Whether you are heading to the park, a festival or just the back garden Jamie’s Park BBQ is the perfect fun cooking accessory for food on the go. Available in 6 colours with bright silicone grip this portable BBQ is bound to brighten up any BBQ setting. Despite being light enough to carry, the Park grill is durable and tough with its enamel-coated lid to last longer. As well as that, its packed with clever features that make cooking over charcoal easy, including curved grill trays to stop food falling through and adjustable ventilation to get the perfect airflow. Its simple, practical, adaptable and easy to use.




Product Specifications


  • Designed by Jamie
  • Locking clips for easy storage and carrying
  • Detachable expander ring acts to expand height and aid convection cooking as well as acting as a windbreak
  • Stylish silicone trims
  • Upper and lower ventilation rings allows maximum control
  • Internal lid heat diffuser
  • 38.5 cm x 38.5 cm x 48 cm
  • Cooking area ø 34.5 cm

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