Canna Indica

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Canna indica, commonly known as Indian shot, African arrowroot, edible canna, purple arrowroot, Sierra Leone arrowroot, is a plant species in the family Cannaceae.

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Quick facts

Common name Canna
Latin name Canna
Group Tender perennial
Flowering time June to October outside
Planting time March and April
Height and spread 1.8m (6ft) by 1m (3½ ft)
Aspect Sunny
Hardiness Tender
Difficulty Moderate

To help keep your cannas healthy;

  • Water freely in dry spells
  • Apply a liquid fertiliser in midsummer
  • Deadhead to encourage continued flowering
  • Little pruning or training is needed. Just stake clumps in exposed positions
  • When a flower spike has no more buds, prune it down to the next side shoot where a secondary flower spike should develop
  • Under glass, grow in full light but shade from hot sun. If temperatures are maintained above 10°C (50°F) cannas will remain in growth all winter and flower occasionally

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