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LIGHT: Azalea Plants require bright indirect light. While blooming, but no direct sunlight. If there is not enough light the buds of an Azalea Plant won't open.

WATERING: Allow the top 2"-3" of soil to dry out before watering your Azalea Plant. Azaleas are acid loving plants, so if your water is alkaline add one tablespoon of vinegar to each gallon of water you use. You can also water Azaleas with your leftover tea. Large numbers of leaves drop off if the soil of an Azalea is too wet or too dry.

SOIL: Use a rich acidic planting mixture that drains well for an Azalea Plant.

HUMIDITY: Azalea Plants do well in normal to high humidity.

FERTILISER: Once a month, balance NPK: 20-20-20 or equivalent lower balance NPK ratio.

SIZE: Height 30cm. approximate

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